Maureen MacPherson has a deep love and appreciation of the natural beauty of the Scottish Highland countryside.
Maureen MacPherson, MacPherson Landscape Photography
During weekends and holidays from her role as Pupil Support Assistant for Highland Deaf Education Services, Maureen spends her time seeking out and exploring the landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland.

Maureen takes great pride in her country and it’s heritage. Since first picking up her camera in 2007
she has photographed thousands of scenes including Scottish landscapes, wildlife and historical buildings.

Maureen launched this website in January 2014, to bring attention to the natural beauty accessible to the Highland people.

It is Maureen’s hope that these photographs will inspire everyone to step outside and take the opportunity to live and explore the countryside around them and learn about local history.

Whether you live in Scotland, or are coming here for a visit, please take the time to discover the country’s hidden beauty spots and local histories and not just the well known tourist destinations.

If you enjoy the photos then prints and canvases are available to purchase on request. Proceeds will fund future expeditions and help to build this website into a resource to portray the best of this beautiful country of Scotland.