Ardclach Church and Graveyard

At a bend of the river Findhorn , in a valley, sits Ardclach Church and Graveyard, which was built in 1626 on the site of the earlier church dedicated to St Luag, who was a contemporary of St Columba. The church was said to have being built at this site, as according to legend two sisters would meet at that spot to worship each week.

The church itself has being largely altered over time since its original construction with changes occurring in 1726 and 1839, with further renovations taking place in 1892.

Ardclach Bell Tower is not attached to the church and sits above on a hill, as it was unlikely that the parishioners would hear the bell tolling for Sunday services due to the noise of the river. although the towers original use was intended as a bolt hole for Alexander Grant and his family at the time of the reformation.

Although the church is largely in a state of disrepair it’s graveyard is still in use, which is an interesting snapshot of the lives of the inhabitants of the area in the 1800’s, with many being farmers, and dedications to those that died in the former colonies.

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