Loch Ba Rannoch Moor

Loch Ba is a lovely fresh water loch, with Glas Bheinn to the south, and the Blackmount Munro range to the east, it’s easily seen why it’s a beautiful area of Rannoch Moor in which  to try and capture some shots with the camera.

The loch is a popular haunt for folk who enjoy wild fishing with the loch having plenty brown trout within their depths, with no permit required either.

Whether walking in the area or kayaking on the waters of Loch Ba there is plenty opportunities to drink in some wonderful scenery with the loch itself being surrounded by Mountains.

Although the area is known for not being particularly hospitable to wildlife, Loch Ba neighbouring lochs, known as the Rannoch Lochs are a Special Protection Area, as they support territories for Black-throated Divers (Gavia arctica) which represents 4% of the british population. Also the species does particularly well in the area with each group managing to fledge a chick every two years, unlike the national average which is 31/2 years.

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