Torridon and Shieldaig

Shieldaig is a stunning little jewel of a village at the foot of the Torridon mountains, with Beinn Alligan (Jeweled Mountain), Liathach (The Grey One), Beinn Dearg (Red Mountain) and An Ruadh-mheallan (The Little Red Mountain), providing the breathtaking backdrop to the whitewashed fishing village, and the shores of Loch Shieldaig.

In the early 1800s families were initially attracted to the area with grants to build homes, being offered from the British Navy, in an effort to train up young men, to go to sea and fight in the Napoleonic wars.

Primarily a fishing village, Shieldaig continued to prosper after the end of the Wars, with the herring fleet taking advantage of the abundance of the ‘Silver Darlings’ within the waters of Loch Shieldaig and surrounding seas.

Loch Shieldaig is also home to Shieldaig Island, which has, since 1970 been owned by the National Trust for Scotland, which has mature pine trees covering the Island. The trees were originally planted to provide poles for drying the fishermen’s nets.

Now the Island is home to a pair of nesting White-tailed Sea Eagles, as well as a substantial Heronry, also there are Otters to be found on its banks along with seals pulling themselves ashore to bask.

Travelling  the Wester Ross Coastal Route is a highly recommended way in which to see this stunning part of the West of the Highlands.

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