Loch nam Bonnach

Loch nam Bonnach is practically on my doorstep so it was on Sunday (9/2/14) that we decided to take a walk up to visit this small area of water. Although there is a route from Beauly, we decided that we would take a different route, via Corry Woods.

The weather didn’t look particularly promising, however we set off with fingers firmly crossed and plenty layers on. As we entered the woods we realised the track we were following to the loch also doubled as a stream so we had to walk through the heather. The track goes through woodland as well as quite exposed areas, so when the rain and wind started we were getting quite damp.

Eventually we arrived at the shores of the loch and as I was making my way across a small stream I was fortunate enough to just see a water vole scampering into it’s burrow!

Unfortunately we spent a fair bit of time sheltering under the trees at the loch edge as the weather had taken a turn for the worse, so we decided to turn back, and as we walked out into the open moor again, a large herd of Red Deer appeared who we had obviously startled as they took off into forest opposite us.

It was also at this point the clouds dissipated and the sun started to shine again and as it was later in the afternoon the colours were wonderful, so I was very pleased to have got a few nice shots!



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