Oldshoremore Bay

A beautiful quiet beach, well off the beaten track,Oldshoremore was formed from eroded sandstone and seashells, it is linked to two other smaller beaches. The machair here is well known for its special wildflowers.

Known locally as Am Meallan, Oldshoremore Beach is a spectacular, narrow beach with clean white sand. A rocky peninsula of land known as Eilean na h-Aiteig separates this beach from its neighbour, Polin Beach. There is a small parking area and a narrow footpath along the rocky coastline. With rocky outcrops and vast, clear blue sea, the beach is a stunning and tranquil spot. A small lochknown as Loch Àisir lies to the east.

Oldshoremore is a scattered crofting hamlet in the Eddrachillis Parish of Sutherland,Scotland.
The nearest good-sized town is Kinlochbervie which lies approximately one mile to the south-east. The hamlet of Oldshore Beg lies directly to the north.

Its name is a corruption of the original Norse/Gaelic name Àisir Mòr, which means big path or pass.

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